Dumpster diving delights

I have very recently discovered the absolute joy of dumpster diving. I arrived to visit a friend of mine in one of the wealthiest areas in Switzerland, St Moritz. She told me that she’d been reading about dumpster diving and really wanted to try it. I was definitely down to give it a shot. The worst that could happen is that the dumpster is full of trash and nothing is gained. At best we stock up our fridge with expired food. We waited until dark and all the stores were closed. At 9pm we headed out in my van to see what dumpster diving was all about. The first store we went to locked their dumpsters and we were about to leave until we saw a box outside the back entrance. The box has been filled with all the bread that had not been sold that day, there were maybe about 15 loaves of bread in there, most of which was seeded health bread! Score! We loaded up on 6 loaves which we thought would keep us going for a couple of days and moved to the next store. Now I’ve read that dumpster diving etiquette requires we never take more than we can eat which of course makes sense, share the food with all those that need it. However I must admit that first day we were so overwhelmed and excited that we might have overdone it a bit. Seeing all that wonderful food rotting in the bins just seems wrong! The next store we went to kept a bin purely for spoiled fruit and vegetables which, being vegans we went absolutely crazy over! We found avocado, mango, tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus and various other odds and ends. Spoiled food in Switzerland means that there is a debt, scratch or mark on any food item. We loaded up the van with all this food, incredulous of this huge bounty that had ended up in the garbage. image That night we divided up the food between friends and began thinking of all the amazing dishes we’d be able to cook! We feasted for a week, returning every so often to see what else we could scrounge up and looking up interesting new recipes to try with the combinations of food we’d found. That entire week we did not need to go into the store for anything and yet I have never eaten so much and so well! image A few days later I left my friend’s place and thought about dumpster diving bit going through a dumpster alone at night is something I’m not quite yet used to. It’s an exciting and fun experience with friends but somehow, being alone a feel a bit like a beggar diving through trash instead of a environmentalist preventing endless food waste. image


2 thoughts on “Dumpster diving delights

  1. Don’t feel bad, you are not a beggar. Beggars “beg”. What you are doing is saving excess fruit and vegetables from toxic landfill, where nature’s bounty it is lost forever. Great blog! 🙂


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