A day in the Life

I feel the need to tell everyone about my day today. I started working again after a nearly 6 month long holiday, I am now back at work and I have to admit the past week was a tough one. I work as an outdoor education instructor in Switzerland which sounds like an ideal, dream job but has its challenges when you have a group of city kids who have no desire to be apart from their computers for more than half an hour.

Today, however, reminded me why I do this job. We had a group of kids around 12 years old arrive today who couldn’t be more excited to be here. Work becomes an absolute pleasure when every activity is met with enthusiasm and excitement. My day consisted of preparing the rock climbing gear for tomorrow, setting up a team building rotation, watching the clouds fly passed while we waited for the kids to arrive. Then 60 crazy and excitable kids ran around for a couple of hours, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

So often we forget what it is that drives us, what makes us feel like we are doing is worth the effort. Lately I have been wondering if I really am doing enough with my life at the moment. Its overwhelming to think of everything I want to do and watching the years tick on can be depressing. When I travel I find so many people who have done amazing things that at the moment only feature in my dreams. Often they are younger than me and just so much cooler than I am. What I am learning though is that we each have to have our own experiences and our own path to follow and mine might not be the most impressive but it is the path that will suit my personality and my own level of personal growth. I would never have had the maturity between 20-25 to do the things I now dream of, the experience would’ve been lost on me at the time. I can definitely admit to myself that I was slow to mature and grow up but I am learning that every experience, whether “hard core” or not, has shaped me into the person I am now and that every subsequent year is only improving. I can look at all past memories and realise that my relationships are growing and maturing, experiences are deepening and there are positives on every occasion, it just might take some perspective to find them.

Today has reminded me who I have become and why I should appreciate every day and every lesson that comes my way. It is easy enough to do after a good day but then again writing about a good day immortalizes it and makes it real.


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