A new year, a new start

After 5 years of doing the same thing, working in various camps with kids, I’m moving on and starting to think of my future. It hit me that this year I turn 30 and I’ve still been just getting by, gap year type work that doesn’t really have a progression. So this year is my year of moving towards what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve decided that I want to be an expedition guide, taking kids to places completely out of their (and sometimes my) comfort zone. It’s a job that will take me to incredible places over the years, this year it’s London, Ethiopia and Morocco. However, it’s also scary because I’ll be working only about 1 week a month as I take on freelance outdoor and tour guiding work. As a leader I need to build up my reputation as a reliable and fun guide. Until this happens, I’ll only get a few weeks of work.

Although this means I’ll be very broke for most of the year, it also means that I’ll have so much free time to travel and see the world, or at least Europe. It’s a daunting thought that I have nowhere to live and very little money,  but it’s also a challenge I hope I’m up for. I have a beat up 22 year old VW T4 named Jerry and the two of us will be taking on Europe for the rest of this year. Follow this blog for the cheapest way to travel Europe and the most beautiful free camping sites that we can find.



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