Beautiful Germany

Last week I had a joy of having a week off to explore Germany in my van. I had to head to the north of Germany, to Hamburg, for work so I had paid petrol to get me from Switzerland to Germany and a week’s worth of time. I have to admit Germany is one of the all round best countries I’ve visited. Germans are lovely, the countryside incredible and the bakeries are superb. It is extremely hard to walk past a bakery in Germany! As usual I was wild camping and found some fantastic areas to park, and some not so fantastic, I just need a place to spend the night, kind of places.

I started up north and spent a lovely day in the Luneburger Heide, where in the summer the flowers are brilliant and cover the entire landscape in a purple hue. I was there too early (far too early, it was freezing for April) but the landscape was still spectacular!


View from my back window
A quiet parking area at a trailhead







After a couple of very cold nights, it was time to head south, stopping in W├╝rzburg for a couple of nights where the weather was indeed much warmer and there was a fantastic cycle route all along the river, in both directions. Germany is a great place to cycle as their cycle paths are usually completely apart from the road and usually go through some stunning scenery.

My last stop on my week long adventure was to Garmisch near the alps. Garmisch is right alongside a river and is also surrounded by mountains. It is a beautiful little town with a relaxed atmosphere. When I first arrived in Garmisch I considered sleeping in their area from campers as it bragged there were showers (its been about 5 days now without a shower). I arrived in the camper area which was really just a huge parking lot with an ablution block, I’m not sure what I expected. I decided that I could forgo the shower and went back to the riverside where I camped for free. Showers aren’t that important in the winter…

Parking next to the river
Heading back to Switzerland

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