The life of a programme coordinator

I’m back at my old job, I just couldn’t stay away. I missed the people, I missed the work and I missed the mountains. I’m so happy that I have returned. Its only a 7 week contract, working in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Switzerland but its exactly what I want right now. After 8 months of moving around and going from place to place its nice to have a home for a few weeks, and a real bed.

I have an almost completely new team this year, which in one way is really lovely. Lots of new people to meet and new opportunities to grow and learn more. The people I am working with at the moment are so full of enthusiasm and excitement for the job that it reminds me why I started in outdoor ed and the excitement I felt for the job. The people I met on my first and second season are still my friends, years later and the people in management with me started the same year as me and we’ve just grown closer and closer together.

Today is our first arrivals day and we have a massive 100 kids arriving in a few hours. I’m both nervous, being the person that is running the programme and yet excited because I know that I have an incredible team and they are going to give this week their all. It also doesn’t hurt that this is my view every morning.



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