A Little Bit of Retail Therapy

I never really believed that going shopping would make anyone feel better, I always thought a walk in the mountains was way better therapy for any problem than becoming part of the society of mass consumerism. But this week all my problems were in the mountains, I work, live and breathe the mountains and this weekend I needed a break. The weather was miserable so I didn’t really want to be hanging around in the mountains anyway. So instead I went down into the valley to stock up on winter clothing. I must admit, my little trip to the valley ended up costing way more than I was anticipating. I live in a village where the only shop is Jaky’s Discount that sells everything from chips and instant meals to lunch boxes and fancy mountain cheeses. And thats about it. I think when I get unleashed into a huge shopping mall, especially one with not one, but 2 outdoor shops in it, as well as a hardware store, I tend to get a bit carried away.

However, I regret nothing! I now (after 5 years) have a new ski jacket and it looks very girly and pretty, a far cry from the baggy men’s one I’ve been wearing. New shoes, have have pink trim!! I bought them mostly because they were on sale, not because they were pink and match absolutely nothing I own. I console myself that pretty soon the pink will be a murky brownish colour anyway.  I now also own a life straw water bottle and a solar panel. I’m set for any adventure. On top of that I’ve ordered a new pair of ski pants and a down jacket.

As I write this I am realising that I probably need to make a stop off at one of those clothes bins and drop some old stuff into those bins for other people. Its coming on winter and my old ski gear is definitely still wearable and very warm.


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