Training for the CDT 2017

Yesterday I went on a 10 mile hike as part of my preparation for the continental divide trail that I’ll be hiking in a months time. I’ve been planning, thinking and preparing for this for ages and now its only a month away and I still have so much to do! One thing that my hike yesterday showed me was that I’m not near fit enough to be doing the mileage I’d like to do on the CDT. After 10 miles and 650 ft elevation gain, my hips were aching! I’ve had a lot of problems this winter with my lower back and I know that when I start hiking my lower back issues will stop but at the moment I’m feeling a little annoyed with myself that I’ve been so lazy this winter.

On the bright side the hike I did yesterday was incredibly beautiful and I’m lucky that I have the Swiss Alps as my backyard to do my training. The hike was a winter path through a gorge to a glacier. The path was really just a snowy track next to the road, which soon got boring so I slipped onto the summer trail which is not maintained in the winter and was technically closed due to avalanche danger. If any of you have been in Europe this winter you might be wondering if there is even enough snow left to cause an avalanche. Well I was wondering the same thing so I took the closed trail. I’m very glad I did as it was quiet, peaceful and absolutely stunning.sdr

It was supposed to rain all day but thankfully the weatherman (or woman) got it wrong and I was lucky to hike most of the day in the sunshine. It was unexpected so I got my first sunburn of the season but it was a small price to pay for the warmth of the sunshine.

Today I have been reading countless blogs from previous hikers and tonight I will start working on my resupply strategy. Being vegan means that I’ll have to put a lot more effort into making sure I get enough of everything while I’m hiking and that my food contains enough calories for the long days I’m hoping to cover. Also my friends Nate and Becca who are sending me my packages don’t have a lot of space in their studio so I’m trying to make my resupply as simple and easy as possible so I don’t take up too much of their space.

Here’s a few more photos of the Swiss Alps, cos I live here and have many of them.


3 thoughts on “Training for the CDT 2017

  1. Man! I used to live in Austria and some of these images really remind me of my time there. Looks like an awesome place to hike. How long have you lived in Switzerland?


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