Being in Boston

Yesterday was my first day in Boston and as i only have 2 days here we tried to fit in as much as possible!

Our morning was didn’t taking Ashley’s dog Rory for a walk in fairy land, the local forest behind their house. Throughout the forest people have created a little fairy wonderland as a kind of public art display. Such a cool idea.

After lunch we had to the local brewery, the Samuel Adams brewery we we went on a fantastic tour and got to try some of their beers, all for free!

In the afternoon we headed to down town Boston which was lovely. A beautiful mix of old and new, with traditional European style churches and buildings next to red brick houses, backed by massive glass skyscrapers. It created a really cool effect. The river runs right through the middle of Boston giving it a peaceful atmosphere too. It’s a lot colder here than i thought it would be so back to winter woolies for the moment!

Today we are heading to cape cod which I’m really looking forward to as it has such a great reputation!


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