Chilling in Colorado

Literally chilling! It’s really cold up here and I’m hoping that it’ll warm up before i get here on the CDT. I’m staying with my friends Nate and Becca in summit county. Everything is so big here! Wide open spaces and huge houses, so different after having lived in the mountains in Switzerland. I guess I’m going to have to get used to wide open spaces. 

I had my bag searched by TSA on my flight from Boston to Denver, after they searched it they couldn’t get the zipper closed again so I think my bag flew cross country wide open with just the compression straps holding everything in! I couldn’t find anything missing so I hope it all made it across!
My first night in Colorado!! It’s so great to be back here and be in the Rockies. Nate had been pointing out since of the mountains I’ll be going over when I’m on the CDT, I’m not intimidated….

We had a BBQ last night for dinner, my first of the year and enjoyed some good Colorado beer while watching the sun set. 

The next few days I need to get myself completely organised and sort out everything I plan on taking with me! Bulk ordering of rice, lentils and cous cous!


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