It’ll just be a 3 mile stroll

Yesterday was a fantastic day. My friend Nate and I decided to go camping up in the mountains in summit county in order to test out all my gear for the CDT. I have a bunch of new stuff i haven’t used yet and I also wanted to test out my sleeping bag to see if it was warm enough. So Nate chose the spot naturally, cos he lives out here. A 3 mile gradual ascent to a spot with great views. So we set off​ at 1pm on our gentle little hike.

That’s me trying to blend in with my plaid shirt and David Livingston hat. Aren’t I doing a good job!

We wandered through a frisbee golf course and watched the stoners enjoying a sunny spring day before gradually heading uphill. Then we hit patches snow. Then we hit the 3 mile mark. Then we hit snow fields. Then we hit the 5 mile mark. “Oh i think its about a mile from here” says Nate. Well 6 miles later (9km) and 400m elevation gain we finally arrive at the site. I am sore! But it’s worth it! While I was waiting for Nate to scout a campsite a coyote ran right in front of me! My first sighting of a North American animal. We have almost a full 360° view and can see a lot of the mountains I’ll be hiking on the CDT, but I’m not sure that was a good thing! They look intimidating! I can only hope that the miles I put in, in new Mexico will get me fitter for Colorado and these enormous mountains.

The big ones in the background are the ones I’ll be climbing up, over and around!


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