Less than a week!

So it’s 4 days until i start my hike on the continental divide trail. Wow! A couple of days ago I emptied out the shelves at city market in my effort to prepare my packages for the CDT hike. I littered Becca and Nate’s studio with bags and bags of food. It took the better part of the day separating the food into ziplock bags for the days I’d be sending myself packages. I’ve decided to send myself packages at more remote locations and shop in bigger towns. I’ve ended up sending myself 11 packages in total. That way if i get stuck of the food in my packages I’ll know that i can shop at the next town for supplies. 

Being vegan it took a lot of thought making my meals calorie heavy. I’ve included a lot of seeds like chia and sunflower seeds for breakfast, peanut butter for lunches and then rice with dehydrated veggies with olive oil for dinner. I’ve also included a lot of calorie dense bars for the hunger pangs. 

My brain was absolutely exhausted with all that packing! Then today i put the final touches to the boxes and got them ready for Becca to mail for me. 

I’m on in the car on the way to a couple of days camping before i catch the bus to lordsburg. Everything is hopefully packed and ready for me to start


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