God bless

Well, what a lot has happened in a few days. Went camping at cañon city with Nate and Becca and did some climbing. It was such a beautiful location, a massive canyon with climbing all around. 

A lot of the routes were pretty tough but we found some of the easier routes to get ourselves back into climbing. It’s been over a year since I last climbed! Nate was also climbing with a wrecked knee and Becca had damaged her knee. What a trio we made! Never the less we got some great climbs in!

This afternoon we had some time to kill before my bus left so we headed to Colorado springs to visit the garden of the gods. There are so many tourists there that i think it took away from the place. Looking back at the photos of was pretty cool but we got more enjoyment watching the people there! 

At 19h I stepped foot into the greyhound bus in Denver and as Nate said, it’s the place that a lot of great adventures have begun and now my adventure joins those ranks! Though being on a greyhound bus is infinitely less romantic than the novels make it seem! We did get some kindness in pueblo, co where this church group boarded the bus and gave us an a little snack pack! A lot of it wasn’t vegan but the thought was sweet. Included was also a bit of light Christian reading and a hand crotched cross. It’s been an awfully religious day for me!

I have an hour long wait now before the bus takes off again. After that, it’s a train and a shuttle to the starting point of the CDT!


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