An Angel! Day 4

Today started off rather cool. I’ve joined up, for the moment, with this family called the Ravens. Apparently they’re pretty famous. Either way, they’re good people to hike with. They’re also hiking with Cat Water (so called because she drank water from a tank that had a dead cat in it!) Desperate times hey! Anyway we hiked the first mile to a water tank to collect water and the cleanest water was from the top of the tank so I had a fun time climbing up there to get water! No dead animals in this tank!

We were then headed to a water cache to get fresh clean water which was only another 7 miles away. The day was dry! It was the most featureless terrain we’ve encountered so far! Hardly any trees, and a lot of dust! On the bright side the path was sandy and great on my poor feet! I was able to walk decently. I think I’m gonna take a zero (a day where you hike 0 miles) on Wednesday to give my feet a moment to recover! I’m not sure if I said this in my last post but physically I’m doing great! Today I hiked 17 miles and still had the energy to go searching for water. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So back to this dry, hot, shadeless wasteland that is New Mexico. We’re approaching the water cache but about a mile from the cache is this beautiful tree, the first one in ages so I contemplate resting there​ before I get to the cache. As a approach though, there’s another hiker, Cat from Taiwan, sitting there so I reluctantly pass on, not wanting to encroach on his space. The caches have not had a lot of shade around then so I’m not going for a lot. As I begin the approach there’s this odd white dome on the top of the hill, I think, hopefully, that maybe the CDT has erected some shelter over the cache! I’m hopeful. I get closer and closer and realise the dome shape is real and then out pops a man saying “hi, I’m a trail angel, there cold drinks in the shelter!” I almost cried from happiness! What an amazing wonderful surprise. So a trail angel is a magnificent person who goes out of their way to bring joy and happiness to through hikers. This guy has a cooler box filled with coke, Gatorade, lemonade etc and boxes of chips, snack bars and mini pecan pies! What a man! Big big thanks to Apple!

On we continued but the wind really picked up and since we only wanted to go another 2.5 miles and it was only 3:30pm we chilled under the shelter of a tree for a couple of hours while we waited for the sun to go down bit. At 5:00 it went behind a cloud and we completed our last two miles to what was supposed to be a water trough we could use. No trough. No water. So me, the Raven kids and pappa Raven headed off to find water, which we eventually did and after scooping it up and avoiding the creatures and algae we took it home to filter. I’ve had a lovely cup of tea and I’m about to enjoy a delicious spaghetti dinner. Town tomorrow! My pants are so dusty they almost stand up on their own. Looking forward to that laundry!

Also i didn’t drink this water but someone did!


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