Asphalt! Day 5

Made it to lordsburg today, my first town on the CDT! After 18 gruelling miles I’m in a hotel room and it’s huge and had a shower and air-conditioning and electricity and little bottles of shampoo! Oh what delight.

Today started like all others, up at 6 off by 7 and a lot of desert miles to cover. The trail angel Apple had told us that if we took the road we’d cut out about 4 miles of trail right into lordsburg. We got all excited about this but then last night, when looking at the maps we realised that wasn’t the case, we only cut off about a mile. So what went from being a pleasant 15 mile hike into town turned into an 18 mile hike. Those last 3 miles were a killer. Then naturally the walk into town was on tar, every step was excruciating! On the plus side because we walked from one ridge to another you could really see how far we walked today. Putting up the video at the end of the post. 

I was going to camp tonight in town but it’s been so windy and the whole day we battled against the wind and dust got into everything! So in order to recover I’ve splurged on a hotel room that I’m sharing with Cat Water. What an amazing hotel! They have a swimming pool I might go use soon!


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