Is that dirt or a tan? Day 2

Today was much more relaxed, I didn’t have an end destination I was aiming for and that has made the whole day more enjoyable. Last night I fell asleep around 9pm and woke up feeling amazing at 6:30. Later than I wanted, but I needed the rest!

So it was 12 miles to the water cache today and there were 2 options, follow the dirt road or take this apparently completely awful cross country trail. Well you can guess which one I did! One of the other guys decided to take the trail and I haven’t seen him since! He was hoping to do about 25 miles and since I’ve done 16 and haven’t seen him I guess the trail was really tough! So today I did just over 16 miles. Mostly on my own. I find a prefer walking on my own as I don’t have to worry about slowing someone down and I can eat whenever I get the urge. I’m trying to limit it to 10 minutes every 2.5 miles. Hopefully that’ll get less as I get more into it. Physically I’m feeling fine but my poor feet are not happy! I have little blisters all over the bottom so I’m looking forward to those healing up and forming callouses. Then i will be unstoppable! 

These are the views I have while hiking. It’s so bloody got during the day and I think today was worse than yesterday. I spent half the day looking for any shade I could find and taking a rest whenever I found some. It’s tough walking on the heat of the day!

This is me feeling gatvol of the heat! SWEAT EVERYWHERE!

Now I’m happily camped, dinner is cooked and the sun is behind the mountains. This is by far the nicest time of day. 

Also saw lots of hares today and since beautiful desert flowers. Each time i see one it raises my spirits a little bit more!


2 thoughts on “Is that dirt or a tan? Day 2

  1. You look really hot, I can imagine how you feel after our visit to the Karoo. Hope your feet toughen up soon.
    Beautiful prickly pear flowers. Keep your spirits up, we’re rooting for you back home.


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