When your oasis is only a mirage. Day 3

Today was a 19 mile day! Almost hit the 20 mark! It started off pleasant enough with a wind that made the heat way more bearable.

Last night I dry camped, which means​ you take water from the last water source to your campsite and don’t actually have water on site. So I was rationing my water, counting on a solar well in 10 miles the next day. This meant I had a very dry, not so pleasant, pot of oats for breakfast! Oh well, life goes on. So I’m happily meandering along in the not so heat, looking forward to this solar pump (like a windmill but powered by the sun instead, you know, just in case you didn’t know). I was dreaming of this water. Finally off in the distance I see the solar well, a mere 1.5 miles away. My pace increases and I get excited as I can see trees around the well. Shade and water. 

So for a mile and a half i watch the pump get closer and closer, I finally reach it, turn it on, wait, and… Nothing happens! There is a switch that needs to be lifted and then you wait for a couple of minutes and water comes out. No water. Only a murky cow pond. No water. Well desperate times so I hauled myself over to the cow pond and pulled up water into my filter pouch. In the end the water came out really clear and tasted pretty good. 

While I was doing this I was joined by a family with 2 kids doing the CDT together. They’re a bit of a legendary group, having also hiked the PCT. They also couldn’t figure out the pump and decided they had enough water to get them the 5 miles to the cached water. We all joined forces, along with Cat Water who was also hiking with the family. The 6 of us made it to the cache and drank our full share. Unfortunately another hiker had chosen the only tree to take a nap under so he hogged all the shade.

After leaving the cache we all headed off together again, me lagging behind because of the blisters on the feet. I can’t wait for my feet to toughen up!

On the bright side, camp tonight is beautiful


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