Flower Power. Day 7

So I skipped a day because I took a day off yesterday and not much happened so it would’ve been a pretty boring post. Back again and on the trail for day 7. That’s a week now!

This morning started off pretty boring. We cruised through the first 8 miles out of town, feeling refreshed and eager. The terrain was pretty flat but I got distracted from the monotony by the beautiful flowers. I took a bunch of photos of the flowers and will send anyone who can help me identify them a desert rock all the way from New Mexico! I know it’s quite an offer!

Here they are:

Today was also a bit of a milestone

Hit the 100 mile mark of the CDT! Woohoo!

I also walked my first 20 mile day. The strength is coming! I really just want my feet to heal now.

This afternoon the scenery completely changed and there are trees all over and pine needles on the ground so there isn’t so much dust! It was a beautiful afternoon walk and a great way to do my first 20 mile day!

It’s still hot, as I’m sure you can see!


3 thoughts on “Flower Power. Day 7

  1. Hi Bridget, Good luck with your hike. How I envy you! As far as the flowers go- here’s what I think. From top to bottom. Photo 1. Banana Yucca/ Photo 2.Globe Mallow/ Photo 3. Jumping or Hanging Cholla and Photo 4. This ones a bit more difficult because the photo is not a close up, but it’s either Plains/Texas or Purple Prickly Pear.


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