It’s a kinda magic. Day 8

This morning when I was looking at the maps on my phone for today I realised there was a little place that offered CDT hikers free showers and free camping. It was a great start to the day. That would be my goal. 

We all headed off around 7am and the terrain has changed to more trees and shrubs, less dirt and dust. It was a beautiful morning. The whole morning, while following the trail someone had written in blue chalk about some magic that was coming up.

 It was torture walking from post to post waiting to find out what this magic was, and where! Eventually we got to a trail head and there someone had left a cooler filled with beer, soda, snacks and fruit! It was the most amazing sight. I can’t get over the generosity of the people in New Mexico along the trail!

After we had a lunch at this spot, we started our first real hill of the CDT. It was a 2000ft climb up to burro peak. I’m not sure what that is exactly in metres. I’m so proud of how I handled the ascent though. My feet hurt by the end, as did my legs but nothing unbearable and I felt pretty strong. When we got up to the top​ there​ was no view because of the trees so I couldn’t take an awesome picture. I also managed to miss a turn today! My first so far. I was walking up the road and missed where the trail turned off. I continued up the road, summitted Jack’s Peak, looked around and saw no other way down. That’s when I realised I’d gone wrong. On the plus side I summitted two mountains today!

Great trail markers right!

Tonight I’m in a campsite, I’ve had a shower and managed to charge my phone a bit. Thank you to Burro Mountain Homestead for the generosity! Two trail angels in one day!


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