Snow! Day 9

Last night was a difficult night, it rained, it blew and it rained some more! I was up until around midnight before I relented and put in my ear plugs to block out all sound! In the morning we were all so cold so we hung out in the little recreation room at the campsite and drank coffee until it warmed up a bit. I think it went below freezing but I was super snug in my new sleeping bag. 

Today was my second 20 mile day, actually 21 miles and I’m pretty tired tonight, especially after not getting much sleep last night. I spent the whole day hiking to music to keep me motivated! 

There were some amazing views along the way and I’m so thankful the desert desert seems to be over with and I’m now in desert with trees.

Just was we were finishing up our 20 miles, it started snowing on us! I’d been watching the rain clouds getting thicker and closer and was hoping to be in my tent before the rain came, but instead of rain, it was snow. Or at least sleet. I bet not many people have been snowed on in the desert!

We found this great little nook to sleep in tonight, on a soft sandy base and best of all, no wind! I think it’s my second night only that there’s been no wind! It can drive you crazy.

Oh I have another flower for the flower challenge:

It’s 8:30 and I’m gonna try get to sleep. Tomorrow should be a town day!


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