’87 Bronco. Day 10

Town day! Which means a bed tonight, and no wind! So the walk into town was 13 miles along a road (+ 5 miles up a gorge) and after careful thought and deliberation I decided that I’d hitch this 13 miles so I could get into town to do my resupply and set off again tomorrow. If I’d hiked those 13 miles I’d have only been able to leave tomorrow afternoon. I decided I’d rather keep hiking then walk on the road. I only have until the end of august and I want to see as much of the good stuff as possible in that time. 

So after my 5 mike walk to the road I spent about an hour waiting for a ride. It wasn’t a very busy road but a lot of cars that drove passed looked at me with suspicion until at last one stopped. Of course it was the oldest most decrepit car that had come passed! A 1987 Bronco. Almost as old as me! The gear stick had to be wobbled into place every time he wanted to change gears! But I was thankful for the ride so I can’t complain! 

I only got one photo and his eyes were closed but this was the kind man who gave me a ride (on his way to church, I had a feeling a church man would be the one to pick me up!) It’s Sunday after all.

I had a successful day doing all my shopping and also bought new insoles for my boots, hoping that’ll alleviate the pain under my feet. They’re funky and pink and really don’t match my boots!

Tomorrow I head off to the Gila River gorge which should be wet but beautiful! 


4 thoughts on “’87 Bronco. Day 10

  1. I’m just going with my camp name, or the south African girl seems popular too. I don’t see many people, a few have​ passed and then I run into them in town again but it’s literally like a handful


  2. Yay for reaching the town! I was wondering if you have a trail name yet? I know you have your camp nickname but since it isn’t from the CDT trip maybe you have to let it come to you? Also, how many people do you see on the trail each day? Do you talk and walk or just say hi and keep walking? Hope your feet feel better soon!


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