A RIVER! Day 11

Today was a wonderful day. I bought insoles for my shoes yesterday and they are working like a dream, tonight was one of the first nights that I didn’t mind leaving my boots on!

The day started pretty well with Higher Ground and I having a morning coffee and chat in the motel reception/breakfast area and then heading out on the trail. There were 2 different route options and we took the shorter of the two, there​ not being much difference in them besides an extra few miles. 

A picnic area with Higher Ground on the right and Hurricane in the background 

After that we reached the point where the Gila alternative starts, so now I’m off the official CDT for this bit. The official CDT guys through the black mountain range which is difficult in terms of finding water and carrying food. This alternative gives us the ability to walk along the Gila River but also entails a lot of river crossings. I’m not sure how high the river is but I’ll find out tomorrow I guess. 

I also met up with Hurricane who’s from New Zealand and is a hurricanes fan. He’s insanely fast though so he’s gone ahead. 

It was so nice walking through rivers and making some crossings, being able to rinse off dust at lunch time and also no longer carrying such large amounts of water! 

Since we’re now off the official CDT, the are no signs and we rely on the GPS and cairns that people have made. One area was particularly nicely made up for us

The CDT was written in sticks, a rock was turned to make a direction arrow and someone made a little gateway. Great markers! We only got waylaid twice today!

Tonight I’m camped in a little rocky ridge where I was able to find the perfect seat to cook dinner from and a great view from my tent.

Good night from a very happy Dassie!


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