What a day! Day 12

This morning I woke up with the excitement of knowing that today’s the day I hit the Gila River (pronounced hila btw) and started the 200 odd crossings to get through the valley!

Little did I know I had a massive 1500 ft climb ahead of me before I hit the gorge! You know what’s worse than 1500ft elevation gain? Not expecting it. I mean I know it’s my own fault for not looking at the maps properly but no one mentioned it either! Turns out, to get to the gorge you have get into another valley which requires going up and then very swiftly back down. So the first 10 miles of the day were not spent on the Gila River! 

We did get some amazing views from the top​ though! 

We also had to contend with plenty of Los across the path that we either had to crawl under or clamber over! Tiring! I thought we’d never reach the river!

Then we did, and it’s was beautiful. I don’t have many pictures because my phone was ziplocked away but I’ll try do better tomorrow. My feet and legs got absolutely soaking but it’s been so warm that they dried almost instantly. Only thing that worries me are my boots! I hope they dry a bit before tomorrow!

Everything is hung out to dry! We stopped a bit early for that reason and I hope it dries. 17 miles today and only 10.5 tomorrow to reach doc Campbell’s where I pick up my first resupply box!


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