Day 19

Today we set out to do a big day, 27 odd miles so that we could get into town to get pie before the restaurant closed at 3pm. The morning started really well and quick with us cruising. About mid morning we heard thunder and decided to set up my fly sheet as a shelter to wait whatever was coming out. Amazingly, as we got the shelter up it started hailing! The three of us huddled up and read stories until the hail stopped.

After about 10 miles we found a campsite which we hoped would have water but it didn’t. Nuthatch was our hero and went and got water for all of us! After lunch we had a huge climb ahead of us, which actually turned out to be quite a gentle hike and put me in a really good mood. We reached a new high point for our hike, 9600ft! The rest of the way to pie town is downhill!

At the bottom of the mountain was our last water source before town so we decided to cook our food the before doing some night hiking. While we were cooking a rancher appeared and and us how we were doing and offered us some beer! We all got a beer to drink while we enjoyed our dinner!

After dinner we decided to hike another 3 miles which would bring us within 13 miles of town which would mean we could make it to town around lunch time the next day. We passed the time by singing all the songs we could think of with the word moon in it. The three miles passed so quickly! We were looking for a place to camp but the road was surrounded by private property. We finally found a tree next to the road between the fence and road where we could fit in 3 tents. It was very cosy, it felt like a slumber party! We walked 27.5 miles (44km) today! New record for me!!


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