Just around the river bend. Day 15

Today we managed a mere 16 miles along the river. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot because we are in a gorge. At first we all took it slow enjoying the scenery until we realised we were walking at about a mile an hour! At the moment I’m walking with Nuthatch, Burning Calves and Prospector. We seem to be a team together through to Pie Town. 

We have now crossed the Gila River over 100 times definitely, but we eventually lost count because it seems to happen so often! Apparently by the end we cross the Gila River over 200 times and I can completely believe it. 

In the afternoon we tried to pick up our pace but it’s tough with all the river crossings and my boots get so heavy! At one point I fell in and was worried because I wet my phone but it seems to be working fine now. I also lost my pole down river and Prospector, like a hero, ran off down stream after it! I would’ve been a disaster crossing the rivers without it!

At about 6pm I felt ready to drop and after 11 hours of walking we made 15 miles. We all decided at that point we’d camp at the next flat spot. Thankfully a mile later we came to the perfect spot with a fire pit already built. Got a fire going to try dry our shoes and socks and to enjoy a bit of the evening. There is a forest fire a few miles east of us but we were told not to worry about it, it’s far away but this evening I think the wind was blowing in the right direction and we got a whiff of smoke. Hopefully there getting it under control!

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post but after I fell in, I put my phone away!


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