Life ROCKS! Day 14

Today got off to a really slow start. Nuthatch and burning calves showed up last night at the campsite and I decided to hike out with them. They, however, had to wait till 10 for doc Campbell’s to open so they could get their packages. We hung out for a bit and then I waited till about noon before I finally stood up and declared I was heading out. Thankfully they got themselves together to head out too.

We decided to make it a short day and visit the Gila cliff dwellings just off trail. What a great idea. People, many centuries ago, had built homes into these caves in the sides of the mountain and archaeologists had discovered and excavated them to learn more about their culture and way of life. Unfortunately by the time they got there a lot of the relics had already been looted years before which made identifying the purpose of the caves a lot harder. 

In the afternoon we headed off for the hot springs. The route we choose was through a canyon cakes Little Bear Canyon and it was absolutely stunning, the best mile in the CDT so far!

When we emerged onto the gila river again, we were surrounded by the most beautiful canyon and impressive cliff faces. There is an option of doing a higher route for when the river is in flood but after seeing this canyon I can’t believe the higher route is worth it at all! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We meet up with Prospector again this evening at the hot springs and will probably all hike out together in the morning for more Gila River amazing-ness.


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