Little House on the prairie. Day 16

Today we did our last crossing of the Gila River! It was a bit sad to leave the river today, it’s been so beautiful. We started in a gorge with these massive impressive cliff faces and moved through the valley to today’s scenery which was big open prairies that made us think of the little house on the prairie. 

This is the 4 of us on our last crossing of the river. From there we made it to snow lake where we filled up with water and finally dried out our shoes! My boots are taking ages to dry but hopefully they’ll be fully dry by tomorrow.

After we left the lake we hit the road and walked along these big open fields. It was a bit scary at some point as a lightning storm started up but we all took shelter and it passed pretty quickly.

Down below you can see the last water source for 20 miles so we’re all loaded up with water at the moment and my pack weighs an absolute ton! Tomorrow we have more road walking ahead of us. It’s not my favourite as I tend to get a bit bored but it’ll definitely be easier than all the river crossings!


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