Oh to be Huck Finn. Day 13

I’ve always read mark twain with a bit of envy towards some of his characters. I wanted to be alongside Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn as they had their adventures on the Mississippi. Well today I feel like I got to join them and feel the existence of river life. There were so many spots along the Gila where I would’ve pitched camp and happily stayed for a couple of weeks.

High Country and I had a late start to the day, heading off at 8 so we could warm up a bit before starting the river crossings. We only had 10 miles to go to get to doc Campbell’s for our resupply.

The river got pretty deep in some places, reaching up to my belly button but it’s such a slow moving river for the most part that they weren’t difficult crossings.

Around lunch time we made it to the road and meet the man doing the trail maintenance along the river. Every winter the river floods and the trails need to be rebuilt. He said he’s been slowly working his way down stream. I can see the amount of work he has cut out for him, there​ are some big areas of debris! Often we couldn’t even find the path amongst the log falls. It made the going slow but still quite fun.

We’re spending the night at the hot springs nearby, where they have a camp site. It’s so beautifully set out with the water being pumped directly from underground into the springs. Tomorrow we are headed for some more hot springs!


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