The back track. Day 17

I just realised that today I took absolute no photos! It was a pretty mundane day as far as hiking goes. We were on a gravel road the entire day! We started out really well, hiking 12 miles before lunch. We’re trying to hike 25 miles a day to get into Pie Town soon. It’s been a long stretch without a town, Doc Campbell’s didn’t really count, and it’s been a long stretch since we’ve showered! Actually a week exactly today.

Anyway, we reached a new high point on the CDT, 9055ft! The road today was uphill the entire time but we made short work of it. We’ve had to carry a lot of our water as there are big waterless stretches or else the water is from gross looking cow ponds. This last stretch was 20 miles without water! We were all relieved to find water even if it did have a bit of an odd taste.

We hit mile 18 today and I was feeling good still, I’m definitely getting stronger. Then we made a fatal mistake of going in the direction we thought the CDT went. We should’ve checked! We only realised it mistake after we’d walked 3 miles downhill in the complete wrong direction! We tried to look for a way to cut across cross country but we peered over a rise and saw the forest fire that’s been raging for the last few days off in the distance. When we checked the map we realised that the route we were going to take was right on the edge of the burn area so we changed our minds and walked back up the road, another 3 miles uphill. As Prospector said, if we make a mistake we have to learn the lesson the hard way so we don’t do it again! 26 mile day today with only 20 trail miles to show for it. The group want to do a 30 mile day tomorrow to make up for it! I’ll have to see how it goes!

The night ended well though with a camp fire and story time. 


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