You are the weakest link, good bye. Day 18

Today was a tough day for me. My body was feeling the 26 mile day from yesterday and I was still demoralised by our pointless last 6 miles. 

We had a beautiful start to the day when we came up over our first hill first to see the mountains all covered in a misty veil. We later figured out the veil was actually smoke from the forest fire. This fire has been burning for over a week now!

My feet have been giving me problems again which has been getting me down but the team has been great at keeping my spirits up! Last night Prospector walked with me at the end of the day and kept me distracted as the miles passed, today Nuthatch offered to carry some of my gear to lighten my pack (my pride wouldn’t let me do it) and Burning Calves offered me a little toe condom to protect my baby toe from blisters. These little toe condoms are amazing!

We had a really short day today, getting to 20 miles only at 7:00. It was good for me though. I needed an easier day. It was tough being the weakest person in the group but I console myself that everyone has a weak day and I’ll probably end up waiting for someone else one day in return. Tomorrow we want to do as many miles as possible so getting to town the next day will be easier. We’re going to pie town to eat lots and lots of pie!


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