Pie town! Day 20 and 21

Yesterday we woke up to our tents completely covered in snow! This place has given us every kind of weather imaginable!

Nuthatch and Burning Calves were cruising and wanted to get to the post office before it closed at midday. I was going much slower because I have crazy shin splints in my left leg.

I got to pie town at 12:30 and met up with everyone at the gathering place, an amazing little place with great homemade food. I had a mushroom quiche followed by a huge berry pie!

We then got settled in the toaster house. The toaster house is a free hiker hostel that has been donated to hikers to use. That means that people can sometimes be sucked in and end up staying for a few days. Last night there were about 20 people here.

This morning we went to the pie-o-neer restaurant for their famous pie. There is a reason they are so famous! The pie was incredible. I had a chocolate and walnut slice and a coconut cream slice. The lady at the pie shop heard we were trying to get a ride to a shop up the road and offered to lend us her car if we helped her unload some stuff! What an amazing offer, we were able to get all our errands done with minimal walking!

When we returned her car she then gave us each a free slice of pie! So I’ve got a very berry slice to look forward to.

On a not so positive note​, my foot has swelled up huge and I’m not sure if I can hike tomorrow. I’m icing it at the moment and hoping that it’ll go down this evening and be good to hike on in the morning. I’m not really sure what I did to it but it’s definitely complaining!


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