Day 22 and 23

So yesterday I decided to take another day off to give my leg some time to heal. I had a very relaxing day, making sure to keep my leg elevated and got spoilt by other hikers bringing me stuff so I didn’t have to walk. Catwater showed up yesterday so it was great to catch up with her. Met a few new hikers too, the toaster house really catches the hikers in and it’s hard to leave! 

Above is a photo with Nita, the lady who owns the toaster house, me with the stupid grin, burning calves and catwater in the back.

Today we had a relaxed morning and only started hiking around midday. We were planning on going 16 miles to the Thomas’s ranch were they let people fill up their water and camp in their RV out back. They let us use their kitchen to cook our meals and we joined them for dinner before crawling into the RV to sleep. 

The whole route to Grants is on road, dirt road at least which should make for fast walking but tiring and mentally challenging. I find it tough walking the long straight roads in the desert.

My leg is a bit swollen again tonight but the ibuprofen is doing it’s magic and each day it seems to be getting better. I just need to hike slowly and take lots of breaks.


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