The long and windy road. Day 24

The roads here are painful! The entire route to grants is on road and it is not doing any good to my shins. I’m really not sure what’s going on with my left leg, the ankle is swollen as is my lower shin. It’s making me walk funny which is also affecting my right leg. 

At lunch time today I decided to call it quits and give my leg time to heal. We arrived at a solar well at midday and I’ve decided to spend the night at the week and hitch out in the morning. 25 miles into the walk my leg is tellibg me to get out while I can. I’m gonna hang out in grants until everyone else arrives here and then hike out with them in a couple of days.

My friends​ walking off while I get my book out to pass the afternoon.

This evening a rancher arrived and connected a generator to the pump to keep it pumping over night. Not ideal. Not sure if any of you have tried to sleep next to a generator, but it’s not fun. Around 10pm I decided I had to move and got myself behind the tank which deadened the noise a bit and I was able to fall asleep with my ear plugs in.


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