Catch up. Days 25 through 28

I guess I’m not that good on keeping my blog up to date while in town! I arrived in town on Monday morning, having hitched a ride in with this great couple. I started hitching around 9am, hoping to get in my lunch but after write a few cars just drive past me I started to get disheartened. Finally another ancient car picked me up! It was such a great experience I almost don’t regret missing some of the hike. They were from the flower power generation and just loved life and each other. They pointed out all the sights as we drive along and gave me some of the history of the area, especially info on where all the hidden and lost gold was supposed to be. Seems like there​ are millions of dollars buried in the sands of New Mexico.

They dropped me off outside the Travelodge which would become home for the next 3 nights! It would take that long for my shins to start to feel better! While there I managed to find a huge crew of CDT hikers to hang out with while I waited for nuthatch, burning calves and party saver to arrive in town. We’re now also joined by AJ who is a friend of party saver. Our little group keeps growing! When they arrived on Tuesday they all agreed they didn’t mind waiting an extra day for my legs to feel better. We had a couple of great days eating buffets, watching old movies and shopping for resupply.

Today we headed out, at last. My shins are feeling so much better and I was comfortable hiking. I got a ride to the trail head with the carrot express (Grants version of the bus, you call them up and tell them where you want to go, they let you know when they have a slot and it costs 50c/person !). This meant that I skipped the 5 mile road walk and got straight on trail. It was so nice being on trail again and being back in the mountains. I had a fairly easy day, going only 11 miles but I think it’s good to start slow. The scenery was incredible today. I hiked up onto a mesa and walked across it most of the day. It’s incredibly flat on the top, I couldn’t believe it!

Tomorrow we are climbing the highest mountain in the CDT in New Mexico, 11300 ft. I’m excited to be up high again and looking forward to the challenge. My bigger worry is going down the other side! I really hope my shins are up to it. 

Tonight is extremely cold and we’re all tucked away in our sleeping bags to keep warm!

Man it’s good to be back on the trail!


One thought on “Catch up. Days 25 through 28

  1. Glad to hear that your shins are better! Amazing scenery and the flower power people sound fascinating 🌸🌸🌸


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