The sleep in. Day 30

As the title says, today we all felt a little lazy and cold and stayed in our tents until the sun hit us. It’s been so cold the last few days that it was great to feel the sun’s rays actually working. 

In order to make up time, we hiked the 9 miles to the first water source without taking a break. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. We were on a dirt road for most of the day and I hiked a lot with AJ (aka kid rock) and burning calves.

Burning calves and I taking a short cut! 

My shins are finally starting to feel better and didn’t hurt me at all today. Tomorrow is a big downhill day so I’ll see how that goes.

After we got to the water, we had a lovely lunch near a little spring and stocked up with water for a long stretch to the next water source. We probably stayed a little too long at the spring because it was so relaxing. 

We walked to the next spring which was a mile off trail, downhill! We dropped our packs and walked down into the valley. At first we thought the water was pristine but while drinking it we noticed little things floating it so we filtered the rest! Hopefully none of us get sick. 

We decided to do another 5 more miles which I was not too happy with but I knew I could pouch through it. Burning calves and I walked together and she kept me entertained with great stories which padded the time. AJ got lost again (or took an alternate) so he joined us too. I think I need both of them to keep me going, especially when nuthatch and party saver hiked a bit further than the 5 miles. I was tired! And just wanted to get to camp. In the end we were rewarded with the most incredible view.


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