Being sneaky doesn’t pay. Day 33

This morning we were up really early to hour the trail and get into town. We were only 10 miles out from Cuba and we wanted to get in for a late breakfast. The start of the day was lovely and easy but the final 4 miles were on road which I found really tough. My shins began to complain again but eventually the cafe was in sight and the thought of breakfast spurred us onwards. 

The first thing we did was offset a cup of coffee and the proceeded to amend the various menu options to create our own incredible breakfast. The portions were huge, the service friendly and it was the best way to come into town. 

After breakfast AJ and I walked across the road to the motel to get a room. We were hoping that if 2 of us went we’d get a cheaper rate than 5 of us! The lady at the motel was completely off her rocker! She was extremely friendly towards us and wanted to tell us about her family and all the places she’d traveled. She also threw in some shampoo for us as we were hikers and probably not carrying any ourselves.

Once we settled into our room the other 3 came over one at a time to join us. The little old lady was far more observant than we expected and at one point, when burning calves, nuthatch and party saver came back from the store, she grabbed their bags and took them away saying that we’re trying to trick her by putting more people into a room and we need to give her an extra $30. She was telling at them and threatening to call the police if we didn’t pay up. Well naturally the 3 of them were completely traumatised from her crazy over reaction. We ended up paying way too much for the room and having to have a few beers to calm down. Not the greatest experience. To top it all off, everyone was having gone getting their packages that had been sent by UPS because the post office was refusing to accept the parcels. Nuthatch is still waiting for her shoes to arrive in town so were going to take a day off tomorrow.

So far Cuba had been both amazing (incredible breakfast) and awful (the crazy lady still thinks AJ and I are great people and the other 3 are the bad influence). Let’s hope tomorrow goes a bit better.


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