Fuck that’s steep. Day 32

Yesterday the guys doing the trail magic had given us a bag of coffee so AJ and I decided the morning would be much better if we stayed it with a cup of coffee. We got a little bit of a late start because of the coffee but it was worth it completely. 

Or perhaps not. The day turned out to be extremely hot and by 10am we were dragging our feet through the heat. At some point AJ and I met up with burning calves and nuthatch. I had to stop for lunch and get out of the heat so AJ hiked on to meet party saver at the water source while us girls stopped for lunch.

Nuthatch found us the perfect lunch spot with the most incredible view and some shade so we had a good long break and made up a hiking song.

We had a great break at a spring and nuthatch and party saver decided to hike another 9 miles but I knew I couldn’t do that. AJ and I chose to hike until we find a good spot to camp and camp there.

There was a huge climb coming up, it was crazy super steep climb up a vertical cliff wall! 

It was an absolutely tough climb but also really fun because it was also a bit of a scramble. At the top we had an amazing view and after a few miles we decided we’d found the perfect spot to camp. We stopped at 7:30 and had an hour before sunset. It was nice to have some time around camp to enjoy the view and relax.


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