Vegan breakfast burritos! Day 31

This morning we were up early because we’d heard there was trail magic happening. The guys raced off to try get some breakfast and nuthatch, burning calves and myself took it slow. It was all downhill and my leg held up find but I didn’t want to risk an injury again. We got to the trail magic at 10 and it was the most amazing thing I’d ever experienced. These people come out for a weekend every year to do trail magic for CDT hikers and they come completely prepared! When the guys arrived they told them I was vegan so they had vegan burritos prepared for me and chicken burritos for everyone else!

They just kept bringing more and more food out and we were in heaven! Chips, salsa, vegan pancakes, boiled eggs, salad, tortillas, nuts, fruit and yogurt. We couldn’t bring ourselves to leave!

After about 2 hours we cracked open the beer and just had to hang around for another couple of hours! We eventually tore ourselves away at 14:00 after an amazing time chatting and hanging out and playing with their puppy.

We had 14 miles to go to get to a water cache that Trujillo family maintains. That became our goal for the evening. It was the same distance and time from my first day that I battled with. I know I’m fitter now so I could do it!

The scenery was so beautiful and it was one of the best days in New Mexico. We walked along the ridge of these mesas with incredible views all around.

At about 6:30 I realised if I wanted to get to the cache I had to hike faster and have a race with the sun. My watch told me I had 1h33 till the sun set with 4 miles to go. I could do it. I mustered up all my inner strength and hiked like I’ve never hiked before. I made it to the cache 15 minutes before the sunset and was able to get my tent up in the light.

We all got together once we’d arrived and had a fantastic communal dinner, chatting about how amazing the day had been. Trail magic and perfect


One thought on “Vegan breakfast burritos! Day 31

  1. So much amazing friendly hospitality in New Mexico. Thank you trail magicians for looking after our daughter


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