Another zero. Day 34

Today we took another zero in town while waiting for nuthatch’s shoes to arrive. We definitely moved from the crazy lady motel to a place called Rebels Roost, an awesome donations based hiker haven. It’s owned by a guy called Vince who has a few rooms and an outside area to camp in for hikers. He encourages hikers to come stay and does an amazing job of helping us out and making sure we have everything we might need. I think he’s done about 5 trips into town shuttling us to shops, WiFi and restaurants!

Today has definitely been my favourite zero day. After we arrived, we got settled and then went back into town to pick up some food to have a BBQ. It was a very vegan looking BBQ with corn on the cob, onions, potatoes and then we left a bit of room for burgers and sausages. I think having a vegan at a BBQ definitely makes the food more interesting!

Vince is a bit of an artist and had done up the garden really nicely and we sat on the porch enjoying the sunset, watching the traffic go by and waiting about an hour for the potatoes to cook!

This day has gone down in my memories as one of the greatest chill out days I’ve had. I feel really lucky to have met and to be hiking with the incredible people in my group. The positive energy, team work and support we give each other is making this hike much less challenging than I was expecting and far more of a prolonged holiday!

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be back on trail and heading towards ghost ranch. The flat of new Mexico is over and it’s time to test out my fitness as we climb towards Colorado and prepare to tackle the San Juan mountains. We’re all a bit antsy as to what exactly lies before us. Sunny skies and snow melt or sudden spring storms and freezing temperatures? Hopefully we’re ready for all of it!


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