Litre cola. Day 35

I had my own room last night! With my own bed! We were staying at the rebels roost, a donation based house and the owner, Vince had a few share rooms so we were all able to sleep on a bed in a room to ourselves. Such heaven! It’s been amazing staying at the rebels roost and I hope it becomes a popular hiker spot.

We got a late start as none of us wanted to drag ourselves out of bed into the day but when we finally did Vince had coffee brewing and had made waffle bar so breakfast was coffee and waffles!

He then have us a ride to the library so we could use the internet. I got everything done way faster than everyone else so found the kids section and spent about an hour entertaining myself with Dr suess books! You’re never too old for the Lorax! 

Once we were done with the internet we went back to the rebels roost we people were still sorting things out. I got frustrated so I decided to leave and meet them at out camp spot. What a great decision. I had a lovely peaceful 7 mile walk and managed to find a great campsite near the water to wait for everyone to join. I managed to find time to read my book in the sun for a while and really just relax.

AJ was the first to arrive and we decided to make done tea while waiting for people to show up. Somehow it got decided to add a shot of fireball whiskey to the tea and voilĂ  we have an incredible be creation! Definitely an option for cold nights on the rocky mountains!

When everyone else arrived we got a fire going and cooked around the camp fire. The perfect end to a lovely day.


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