We’ll easily make it by sunset. Day 36

This morning we started nice and early because there was a big uphill to start with. The uphill actually ended up being fairly well graded and we got to the top with energy to spare. So much energy I celebrated with a head stand! 

There was lots of snow on the trail and the path was a river at some points! For once I had the best deal with my boots and was just able to charge through everything! I had a great day and almost managed to keep up with the guys!

It was so nice being out of the desert and in the forest. Parts of the trail remind me of Switzerland and the Alps. It was just such a beautiful morning!

We stopped for lunch by a river and burning calves was hilarious trying to hike in her flip flops so she didn’t get her shoes wet!

In the afternoon we descended and had to fight with the trees the whole way down! There were so many cut down trees and fallen logs that the trail became an obstacle course! On the way down I met Gary who had adopted that section of the trail, I felt so sorry for him! He was going up the road to scout what needed to be done. He definitely has his work cut out for him!

After lunch we wanted to go another 9 miles so I headed out a bit sooner than the rest to make sure I got to camp before sunset. As I was leaving party saver casually mentions of we’ll easily make it before sunset. It’s only 9 miles!

Well the gentle uphill we were supposed end the day with turned out to be this steep climb and even hiking in low range did not seem to make this uphill easier! I took so long to hike up this hill and I kept checking my watch to see if I was getting any closer to the high point. Eventually I made it and hobbled to the water source, threw my pack down and lay on the ground staring at the sky and appreciating that I just walked 24 miles, up two hills.


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