The ending of the fellowship. Day 39

Today was a very sad day for us. It seems like the end of an era on the CDT. We have all gone off in different directions. Burning calves is probably in Albuquerque right now getting ready for her flight to the East Coast tomorrow.

 Nuthatch and party saver went to Santa Fe because nuthatch still doesn’t have suitable shoes for the snow and her sandals are starting to give in. They’re going to hike out either this evening or tomorrow and try catch up. AJ and I were supposed to hike out together but about a mile into the hike, he twisted his (already injured) knee and decided that he shouldn’t hike on it. He might be trying again tomorrow or else hitching to Chama to meet us there. I’m not sure what he’s​ going to decide. 

So here I am, on trail, by myself. The hike today was enjoyable, the scenery here in this area is spectacular and I’m so happy to be out of the desert. But I do miss my friends! I don’t mind being on my own and camping alone but when I have such good people I could be doing it with, being alone doesn’t seem so appealing. Hopefully nuthatch and party saver will catch up to me sooner rather than later, preferably with AJ in tow. 


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