Knocked out! Day 40

Wow, today was a tough day! I did a 25 mile day because of a mix up with the route and it was over some of the toughest terrain I’ve faced yet.

This morning started off beautifully, I woke up a bit late because of the cold and wind but the morning hike was stunning! Big open fields and hundreds of Aspens. Also there​ was water everywhere so I never needed to carry more than a litre.

The afternoon was where it became rough! The hike was uphill but it didn’t look too steep so I wasn’t worried. Pretty much straight off the bat I missed a turn but according to the map there​ was a potential alternate route that way so I decided to continue. At first it was fine but when I was supposed to make a turn to rejoin the main track I was suddenly faced with steep drops, dead trees and worst of all bear prints in the mud. As I weaved my way around tree debris and cliff drops I kept singing out loud to chase off any nearby bears! Eventually I found a boundary fence that lead to a road that lead to a path! Not the best way to start an ascent.

However, after reaching the actual path, things didn’t get much better. There were so many fallen trees I was doing about a mile an hour! I felt grateful every time I saw 100m stretch with no trees across it! Eventually I emerged from this hellish forest and meet up with the snow! I’d climbed high enough that the path was still covered in snow. Thankfully it was pretty compact so there​ wasn’t much post holing.


This is what the path looked like for about 4 miles!

It felt like the route stayed up there far too long and was just trying to torture hikers! I also think the elevation might have taken something out of me.

At last the descent began but just before I was going to stop for the night, about 2 miles before, the signs for the CDT changed compared to the map. The signs would cut off about 4 miles from the route on the map but that would mean I miss my water source and couldn’t camp till the next one. Naturally I opted to shave off around 4 miles and hope for water along the track. Well, there was no water. My 22 mile day got extended to a 25.5 mile day. At least on this section the trail was well maintained and fairly straightforward​. It’s dark, I’m in my tent and food is calling!


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