Cruising! Day 41

Today I knocked out 25 miles! And it felt good! I only left camp this morning at 9am, taking my time and enjoying the peace and quiet. I knew I wanted to try do 25 miles again but today there was less altitude gain. 

The morning started out fantastic! The weather was perfect, birds everywhere and amazing scenery. I even made a video!

Last night I remember looking at that crossing and thinking thank goodness that’s tomorrow’s problem. Everything looks better in the morning. Like the hill I see I have to climb tomorrow morning! Lol.

In the afternoon the trail got a lot more snowy and once again it was a battle between flooded paths and snowed over trails! I missed a turn once and ended up doing a quarter mile extra and I definitely had to make my own path sometimes but all in all today had been far easier than yesterday.

On a side note, you find the most bizarre things along the trail. Anyone fancy some baseball at 9000ft?

I’m camped near a river and there ​is someone else camped here too (he took the good camp spot) but I haven’t met whoever it is because they haven’t emerged from their tent. Even the fire I got going did not entice them out. 

I was so cold and wet when I arrived that a fire seemed the only option. I realise in the video there​ is no circle of stones around the fire but the ground was sodden and I was around the fire the entire time so that fire was going no where. In the morning I’ll bury the ashes and no one will know it was there.


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