Into the snow. Day 48

This morning saw us saying goodbye to AJ as he’s going to hike in the road. It’s now just Party saver and myself on the way to Wolf Creek Pass. 

We were told that it’s crazy snowy and that groups were only making about 10 miles a day so we’ve packed food for 7 days to cover 69 miles. Today however we were pleasantly surprised with the conditions. There is still a lot of snow but there are also sections that are snow free and we can hike reasonably well in those sections. Today we did a 15 mile day and got into camp at 5:30! Plenty of time to do some more but decided against it because that would mean we’d have to camp at about 12 000 ft. As it is we’re camped at 11 400ft!

The scenery so far has been exceptional! The views go on forever!

We were met with afternoon hailstorms and had to seek refuge under some very small trees and wait it out. Party saver had an umbrella and I tried to squeeze under it with him. Here’s the video!


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