Double zero again!

This is a short post but we planned to spend a zero day in Pagosa, Doug and Gretchen were heading back to Santa Fe where they live but generously agreed to let us spend another night in their house. I can’t believe the kindness and generosity of the people we meet on the trail. Gretchen drive us arrive town so we could do our resupply and even took the guys to a pot shop so they could check it out. It is legal here! Crazy!

That day we went shopping and I bought some trail runners, sending my boots on. We won’t be going through the snow because of AJ’s knee and I couldn’t face walking along a road in boots. 

That afternoon we went for lunch at Kips, along main Street and ran into some other hikers. Then more hikers joined and soon it was happy hour. It was great to meet so many other hikers that we stayed well into the afternoon, until it was too late to hike out. So we hitched to the store, bought some frozen pizza and headed back to the house. What an amazing place Pagosa Springs is. I wish I had more photos of the town. 

Tomorrow we will hike out!


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