Following the tracks. Day 55

Today we had a road walk pretty much the whole way into town. We decided to stop a few miles out of town and hike in early the next morning to avoid paying for a motel room. The hike started pretty hairy as there wasn’t much of a shoulder on the road and we often had to walk in the bushes on the side if a car came along. After a while we noticed some railway tracks that looked very unused and that followed the road pretty closely. We decided to duck off the road and see how long we could go on the tracks. Turns out it was a great idea. Most places the tracks we overgrown so it was pretty flat walking and the tracks followed the Rio Grande river pretty much exactly. It was beautiful scenery. It also felt quite hobo like to be following the tracks through the countryside. 

There’s AJ behind me and party saver in front of me.

After a few miles we came to this little beach alongside the river so we stopped for a lunch that turned into an afternoon nap and afternoon coffee. It was hard to leave but we wanted to get a bit closer to town. On the way we got asked by our first mosquitos. It was dreadful, I was saying them away in dozens and my legs got covered in bites. Thankfully I have numerous anti itch creams cos that was awful! Next store I’m getting insect repellant. I don’t care how heavy it is. 

Unfortunately the railway tracks ended about 4 miles from town so we climbed up a little mesa, set up camp and watched the sun set on another beautiful day in Colorado.

Found a Christmas tree on route.

Also, for those that have been hiking with me, I have trail runners now and have sent the boots on. I couldn’t face a road walk in boots!


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