In and out. Day 56

Today we made it into creede at a pretty good hour to catch breakfast at MJs. Not massively impressive but not bad. Our plan was to leave in the afternoon after we’d done our resupply. We met some other hikers in the store who told us rooms were going for $120 which confirmed or idea to hike out that day. After we resupplied, we hung out in the local park area helping AJ fix the zipper on his sleeping bag. Not an easy task without the right tools but we got there in the end and I stitched up the end so the zipper​ won’t come off. 

At that point it was happy hour so we headed for the local Kips (again) for dollar beers. I was able to update my blogs while the guys played foosball.

Around 6pm we left town planning to hike just a few miles. The hike was insanely uphill but also incredibly beautiful.

And my wonderful hiking buddies


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