Road, trail, snow, mud, trail. Day 57

Today was going to be out first real day back on trail in what felt like ages. We had a bit of a road walk but it was a dirt road and passed by quickly. Then we got an actual trail not covered in snow. It was glorious. Until it wasn’t. We hit snow again! As Napoleon (trail name, not the actual Napoleon) said, this trail doesn’t like people! It was hard work battling through the snow and our timing was terrible. At one point took an hour to cover 1 mile! But the views were amazing.

Getting to the top was hard work and there were a few dodgy sections on the way up but the views in the end were magnificent! We took a really long lunch break because I suggested the guys play chess, the game took about an hour as both of them struggled to obtain victory with the free pieces they had remaining on their board!

After that delay we descended into the valley and had a great time, walking downhill and following a river to a perfect camp site.

We got a fire going to chase away the mosquitos and all day around it cooking our dinner. The perfect end to the day!


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