Day 58

This morning we woke up early but delayed leaving camp cos we made coffee and just say and enjoyed the beautiful day. When we did get going it was because the mosquitos just became too much and it was time to go. So wet shoes on and off we hiked.

It was a long straight day of hiking and the day seemed to drag on. Every time I looked at the milage I felt we’d done so little. Then we came across a river crossing where there was supposed to be a bridge. Well the bridge had been washed away with the high snow melt so back into the river we jumped. The guys took their shoes off to cross but I crossed with mine on. The first section was rocky but half way through the bottom turned to silt and my for sank in to almost half way up my calves! I nearly lost a shoe so had to retreat a bit till I found a section that had a grassy bottom! We’d hoped to go a bit further before lunch but the crossing took so long that we had lunch right up from the river. I love the lunch breaks. They can be anything from an hour to 2 hours.

After our late lunch we just decided to push to the campsite and only meet up there. This makes us hike quicker because you end up taking much shorter breaks when you’re breaking alone. I’m happy to be in camp. Hopefully tomorrow the miles won’t drag so much!


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