It’s a town day!! Day 61

We got off to a really early start this morning so we could get into town earlier. We have 14 miles to go and we’re gonna hike them at record pace! There is a mountain pass between us and the highway to town but it’s graded and actually turned out to be quite a nice hike. Because of all the mosquitos we didn’t stop too much which meant we went a lot faster. It’s amazing what the thought of a shower can do for your hiking speed!

Along the way someone had left a ziplock bag with some fudge in it which we enjoyed immensely! Man that fudge was great, chocolate mint!

While we were hiking down we met Dan and Mary, who were out for a day hike and they offered to give us a ride into town! No hitching necessary. They even drove us around to find good motel prices and took us to the grocery store so we could do some shopping!

We eventually ended up staying at this really nice hostel and having a braai (BBQ) for dinner. Life is good. Also Cat water is here! She got off the trail for a couple of weeks and got back on today in salida! It’s great to see her again!


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